Wit'ch Storm

Wit'ch Storm - James Clemens First off, this book was generally written better than the first IMO. Too many excessive details, or lack of details, hooked me and pulled me right out of the story in Wit'ch Fire; that didn't happen as often in Wit'ch Storm, which was nice to see. At times the writing seems like it's aiming for far higher than it can reach, but the definite improvement helped smooth that out.

Despite that though, the first third of the book seems almost under-developed in comparison to the rest of it, as if the author was struggling to get his foot in the story, or if it were written at the same time as Wit'ch Fire. The characters in the latter 2/3rds of the book went through more development, and the new cast was introduced and set up well I felt.

What was really getting in my way of enjoying the book was Elena. She strikes me as just...terribly bland. More than once I'd find myself putting down the book and making myself a coffee just to have a few minutes to try to think up some of her defining points, and what made her a well-rounded character. I really couldn't come up with much.

There's plenty of action as well, which is fine for a lot of people, but it didn't really do anything for me. Much of it seemed unnecessary, and I personally think the time and words would've been better spent developing and nurturing the characters, making them unforgettable rather than mere stepping stones to progress a story concept.

Overall though, I liked the book for what it was, and look forward to reading the rest of the series. So far, I don't think the story will stay with me long after I'm done reading them, but nonetheless it's been a good way to get back into reading.

Spoilers ahead!

I was hugely disappointed with how Nee'lahn's death was handled; it was quick and sudden and just sort of popped up out of the blue. More than once Elena would refer to the group as her family, yet if I recall the death was only touched upon once afterwards, then seemed entirely forgotten as Mycelle was thrown in almost to replace her. Nee'lahn was a decent character to begin with - nothing really made her stand out too much, but she had some good points as well as bad (which is still good) - yet the way removing her from the story made me wish she'd never been introduced and set up in the first place. It made the character feel absolutely pointless and a waste of my time, which was upsetting.