The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins My reservations about reading this due to its hype were thankfully a tad unfounded. While others may view the relatively simple, basic writing as a flaw, I find it works perfectly with the story - it's being told in a present-tense, first person point of view. The protagonist is very straight-foward and blunt, and I feel that any flourishes to the writing - or unnecessary details - would've ruined the character and story a little, dragging it out too much. However, in contrast, the quality of writing never seemed to rise above 'good', and at times it was a little difficult to immediately visualise exactly what was happening.

The characters were generally decent but nothing phenomenal, even a bit watery and shallow at times. Some points seemed a little too unrealistic to me - the most prominent being the major scene with Clove.

All in all, while I wasn't hopelessly gripped to the book, I enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading the final two.