Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins Mockingjay wrapped up what I wanted to see most with the series - good character development and proper, realistic flaws. Although still not really higher than 'good' quality in my eyes, Collins' writing has improved with leaps and bounds once again. Her ability to portray her characters much more convincingly shows that.


However, I thought that certain aspects of it were underplayed, particularly Prim's death. Yes, it was sad, and although it's so clear that Katniss is distressed to the point of almost being catatonic by it, I personally felt very little connection to Prim herself. Because of that, her death seemed extremely unnecessary.

The ending also seemed a little...lacking. I liked seeing exactly how much Katniss had changed, and so quickly; Collins is able to convey literally days passing for her, with almost no recognition of them without making it overly stale. However, something seemed to be missing, and the ending felt hugely open, instead of wrapped up and finished. It was a little off-putting. Also - Katniss and Haymitch voting 'yes' on another Hunger Games for no immediately apparent reason...that seemed so ridiculously pointless and wrong, and that honestly marred the book a little for me.

It's a good finish to an okay series, though. I personally consider it the best book of the three.