Reading progress update: I've read 213 out of 411 pages.

Many-Coloured Land (Saga of the Exiles, Book 1) - Julian May

While this is technically a reread, the last time I finished this book was around...oh, perhaps thirteen years ago or so.


I'm actually glad I'm getting the chance to read the series now, rather than having gone through it when I was younger; I feel I can appreciate and understand a lot of the themes being presented in it much more strongly.


While I've owned my copies for a very long time without having actually read the majority of them, these books hold massive sentimental value for me. They had a place of honour on my shelves when I was a kid, survived a move from Canada to Ireland, and are some of the last original possessions I own from back home (regardless of the fact that my mum mailed me them from Ireland as a gift). I honestly have no idea why I put off reading them for so long, but I'm glad I pulled its slip of paper from my random reads jar so early in the year.