The Republic of Thieves - Scott Lynch

Slightly less impressed by this one, I must say. The only time I actually enjoy politics is when it's glossed over very well with a fantasy veneer, so I was excited to read about the main plot for Republic of Thieves.


However - more of the story was spent on the past Gentlemen Bastards rather than the current arc. I enjoyed how supplementary the sub-plots were in the past books, but I was so eager to read the new stuff that I had a harder time investing in the 'origin story' stuff, so to speak.


A lot of the book was more about Locke and Sabetha's rekindling relationship (and, of course, the beginning of it during the flashbacky stuff) which, well...kind of irked me. This is the first time we really get to see Sabetha, and she's really been built up a fair bit. I was expecting to see her in Red Seas but that didn't happen... I really, really would've preferred at least one book to get to know this character who I am assuming is both major and important.


Not to mention how Locke's attitude towards her at times was actually kind of gross. Really bossy and obsessive - boy needs to step back and let go, seriously. Of course, we do find out there's a reason for it, but it would've been nice to see Sabetha actually being, y'know, put off by that? She's the bad-ass woman the story has been wanting, and while romance and love aren't 'weak' things at all, we needed more time, just with her.


We learn a fair bit of stuff that feels like set-up material for the future books, but unfortunately Republic of Thieves definitely had a hump-day sort of feel for me, book-wise. I definitely still enjoyed it, but it felt a little more lacklustre after the explosion that was Red Seas Under Red Skies.