Reading progress update: I've read 60%.

The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch

NaNoWriMo is keeping me from reading quite as much as I'm in the mood for, but at least I can say it's going fantastically for me so far. If I keep to my schedule, I'll be hitting 50k by the 15th, and hopefully scraping by with 100k at the end of the month.


The first time I took part was in 2011. I thought that 50,000 words in a month sounded impossible for me then, and was content to try for a half-run for my first year. I wrote 12k very early on, put off any further writing until the month had very much matured, panicked, and then Got Stubborn and wrote the remaining 38k needed for a full run in little over a week.


Perhaps it doesn't seem like much, but that was one of the headiest experiences I've ever had. I haven't done much in my life, and I've always wanted to write - it was exactly the boost of confidence I needed. Now, here I am, thinking that 50k is far too small and already wondering if a run for 150,000 next year isn't too ambitious.


I know that some professional writers scoff at the idea of NaNo, and that others back it 100%. All I know is that I'm not a pro, but I have a ton of fun doing it and will always recommend anyone who wants to get into writing (or to refine and learn more about their own writing) to give it a go.


(This turned into a NaNo post instead of actually updating about the book. Oops)