Reading progress update: I've read 326 out of 736 pages.

— feeling surprised
The Great Hunt: Wheel of Time Book 2 - Robert Jordan

Even at the 200-page mark I felt that The Great Hunt had picked up a lot more momentum from the first book, which now is definitely feeling like a cornerstone, a foundation rather than a very strong stand-alone novel. I'm getting into this one a lot more than the first, I'm pleasantly surprised to say.


Also, gotta say how, again, pleasantly surprised I am that Moiraine and Lan are played as very good, very old friends and not potential romantic prospects. Or, at least, I'm not getting that feel at this point. There are definitely not enough male/female platonic relationships in any kind of media these days, not without them being forced down a more romantic path.


...I hope Selene falls in a hole.