Charmed Life  - Tim Jones, Diana Wynne Jones

I have always absolutely loved how Diana Wynne Jones portrays magic in her works. Loved it. It's whimsical, charming - fairy tale-esque in its wonderful, simple absurdity. Howl's Moving Castle is not only one of my favourite comfort reads, but the Ghibli adaption is one of my favourite movies (despite how intrinsically different they actually are.)


This was no exception. The only reason it doesn't have a four-star rating was because of the amount of time I was sitting there, muttering 'or you could, y'know, just be honest and tell Chrestomanci what's up' was a little frustrating.


Also - I didn't know the main protagonist was a boy named Cat. Shout-out to a fellow Cat guy! (Did I get way too excited about this detail? Yes. Yes, I did.)


Can't wait to get my hands on more of the Chrestomanci books.