The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch

I have a rather unfortunate soft spot for Arrogant, Swaggering Shitkickers With Hearts of Gold (Even if it's Gold in the Sense that Cheap Christmas Ornaments are Gold) and really rather gross, slummy settings in fantasy. It's like Camorr and the Gentlemen Bastards were made for me.


I enjoyed this, but something was missing. Perhaps it was the rather vague way that the setting was presented? A bunch of interesting worldbuilding-y things showed up, and it was easy enough to visualise most of the time, but it felt...watery? Half-assed sometimes? I can't put my finger on it. It had a very debut feel to it, that's for sure.


I am running on the assumption that Sabetha becomes a more prominent character later on, because having the (presumably) only female Gentleman Bastard literally not in action at all during the entire book is kind of a joke. 


So, yes - completely weak at heart for this particular character archetype (the ASS, as I like to refer to it), and loving Gross Venice, but still definitely critical of the book. Will be wondering how it goes in the future ones.