The Eye of the World  - Robert Jordan

Longer review coming when it's not late, hopefully. A quick run-down of my end-of-book feelings:


  • Rand al'Thor is still boring as all hell
  • Nynaeve is pretty neat, but I'm put off by the budding romance between her and Lan as it just seemed to sort of...happen?
  • I literally can't stop thinking of Big Bad Evil Guy as BonziBuddy
  • This honestly took me too long to get through but I'm pleased it started picking up a bit towards the end
  • I sincerely couldn't explain why but I can't picture Moiraine as anything other than Olympia. Apparently my mind was on Pokémon the entire time I was reading
  • "Burn me!" Mat somethinged.


...etc etc. On to The Great Hunt!